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Subsequent litigation tactics not material to the

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Unformatted text preview: nd strategy are seldom relevant. Subsequent litigation tactics not material to the fact of consequence: Reasonable basis for denying the claim Hypo 2 [Evidence deemed irrelevant because it is not probative] D intentionally, seriously damaged a motor vehicle belong to P at 11:00 pm. D offers a witness who was at the scene around 9pm and said D was not around. Evidence is irrelevant! The witnesses evidence is not probative o 9:00 pm is not close enough, hard to argue (without other information) that the fact that I wasn't there at 9 makes it unlikely or less likely that I wasn't there at 11. o This is not a question of substantive law, merely dealing with probaity of evidence Is the evidence probative of the proposition offered to prove (i.e. that the D wasn't there at 11 pm?) Court says no! Not dealing with substantive law (not turning to elements of crime or anything)...just evidentiary. Commercial Outline Notes: The concept of relevancy can be broken down into two quite different concepts materiality and probity: 1) Materiality o Test of materiality relates to whether the evidence is offered upon a m...
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