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Texas differences depositions are covered permits

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Unformatted text preview: ....... o Other crimes or acts (Note 4, a) o Authentication or identification Document is offered and there is a question as to its authenticity. Jury questions (is it phony? Has the weapon been materially altered??) Only question for court is is there evidence that the jury could believe that this is not authentic? Example: Howard Hughes case (was the will real? Or was it forged?) Limited Admissibility FRE 105 FRE 105: Limited Admissibility. When evidence which is admissible as to one party for one purpose but not admissible as to another party for another purpose is admitted, the court, upon request, shall restrict the evidence to its proper scope and instruct the jury accordingly. Texas differs with limited admissibility in two ways (but federal practice is consistent with these): In the absence of a request of a limiting instruction, the court's action in admitting such evidence without limitation shall not be a ground for complaint on appeal! When limiting evidence is completely excluded, such exclusion shall not be a ground for compla...
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