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The facts of webster are the rare exception to that

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Unformatted text preview: e impeachment should be allowed. o Ex: Prior statement by witness inconsistent with declarant's testimony, that was given under oath. 801(d)(1) (A) o Ex: Prior statement by witness to doctor 803(4) statement for purpose of medical diagnosis or treatment. o UNITED STATES v. WEBSTER [Impeaching One's Own Witness w/ Prior Inconsistent Statements cannot be mere subterfuge for otherwise inadmissible hearsay] Facts: Issue: Webster convicted of aiding and abetting the robbery of a federally insured bank. Government called bank robber, King, as a witness against Webster. King gave testimony that if believed would have exculpated Webster, whereupon gov. introduced prior inconsistent statements that King had given the FBI inculpating Webster. Court instructed the jury that it could consider the statements only for the purposes of impeachment but Webster argues that this wasn't good enough. Should the evidence of the prior inconsistent statements have been excluded entirely? Holding: The trial court did not err in admitting the prior inconsistent statements. A good faith standard applies if the pro...
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