Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

They go to the upholstery shop and the bloody seats

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Unformatted text preview: very expensive attorney (not a state attorney as you would expect) That attorney is subpoenaed to the grand jury is somebody other than the guy at the arraignment paying you? (Looking for the king pin). Procedural Posture: Lawyer asserts the privilege and is held in contempt. Issue: Does the attorney-client privilege extend to fee arrangements where a client is not the one paying the fee? Holding: The attorney-client privilege does not extend to payments by third parties who have made payments on the client's behalf. o Even if it was the client making the payment: Information regarding the fee arrangement is not normally part of the professional consultation and therefore it is not privileged even if it would incriminate the client in wrongdoing. o Only time the privilege applies with respect to payments is when: the advice sought concerned the case then under investigation and disclosure of the client identity would be, in substance, the disclosure of a confidential communication by the client, such as establishing the identity of the client as the perpetrator of the alleged crime i...
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