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We dont have in the rules themselves a rule about

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Unformatted text preview: ddress specific situations where it is handy to have a specific rule Third category: Dealing with specific relevancy but not IN the rules. We don't have in the rules themselves, a rule about other accidents or a rule about reconstruction experiments and demonstrations. But at the same time, there is law about that...specific to those recurring problems. o Simon v. Kennebunkport = naturally occurring similar accidents o Fusco case = contrived situation trying to imitate naturally occurring similar accidents. FUSCO v. GENERAL MOTORS CORP. [Specific relevancy rules that are not codified evidence of a contrived situation trying to imitate naturally occurring similar accidents.] Facts/Procedural Posture: Fusco was driving her chevette when it suddenly left the roadway, slid across an ice-covered embankment and hit a telephone pole. Fusco brought suit claiming that a key component in the steering system the front left "ball statud" had broken from metal fatigue and caused the disaster. General Motors' appealed claiming that the district court erred in ruling that two demonstration videotap...
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