Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

When made to an ally however confrontation clause

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Unformatted text preview: the trial court decide and apply this law....don't tell the trial court whether to exclude or include the statement, just send it back down. But what the opinion does is say, this stuff is coming in period, but Wellborn thinks the trial court should have an opportunity to come out on the balance; to determine whether or not the disserving aspects outweighed the self-serving aspects so that the statement looks reliable. WILLIAMS v. UNITED STATES [Hearsay Exceptions; Declarant Unavailable - Statements against Interest, inculpating statements offered by Prosecution in Criminal Case (FRE 804(b)(3)] Facts: Harris arrested because he was found with cocaine in his car. At station Harris told Agent Walton that he was transporting cocaine to Atlanta for Williamson (the defendant). Harris freely implicated himself as part of the cocaine delivery, but refused to sign a written version of the statement. Procedural Posture: Williamson convicted of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, conspiring to possess cocaine with intent to distribute, and traveling interstate to promote the...
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