Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

When the witness answers no d cannot introduce

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Unformatted text preview: e wants to have a right to convey a false impression to the jury and it doesn't seem that he should have that right!! UNITED STATES v. BRACKEEN [Impeaching the Witness: Prior Convictions for Dishonest crimes What is meant by the phrase dishonesty or false statement?] Holding: Dishonesty should be interpreted in narrow sense, meaning only those crimes which involve deceit! Congress intended Rule 609(a)(2) to apply only to those crimes that factually or by definition entail some element of misrepresentation or deceit! o So can look at the fact pattern of the particular crime to see if it involved deceit (i.e. shoplifting where you pretend you are picking up the parcel for someone else..) Impeaching a Witness: Character for Truthfulness Specific Instances of Conduct [FRE 608(b)] FRE 608(b): Evidence of Character and Conduct of Witness Specific Instances of Conduct. Specific instances of the conduct of a witness, for the purpose of attacking or supporting the witness' character for truthfulness, other than conviction of crime as provided in...
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