Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

With all of these writings extrinsic evidence of

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Unformatted text preview: this ax from any other, and that he derived his belief that this was the ax on an assumption that since it was the only ax on the premises, it must be THE ax. Holding: 901 only requires that a reasonable juror could have found that this ax was the weapon allegedly used in the assault. Jury could reasonably find that this was the ax from that testimony and that's all you need. "Papse's ability or inability to specify particular identifying features of the ax, should then go to the weight accorded this evidence." "Although the jury remained free to reject the government's assertion that the ax had been used in the assault, the requirements for admissibility specified in Rule 901(a) had been met." Notes: Demonstrates what is called the single witness method for an item of evidence. No chain of custody presented here... If an object is: Reasonably identifiable in species and if we are not concerned about adulteration than you don't have to do the chain of custody. Whereas if the item is not identifiable in species (baggie of white powder, body fluid sample) and if it's condition could possibly have been materially changed and you couldn't tell by looking a...
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