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At least thats how i feel o if a subsequent remedial

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Unformatted text preview: false security.....implies that somehow the measure would worsen the risk....opens up rebuttal evidence that the measure wouldn't worsen the risk (i.e. the fact that after she was raped they put in peepholes!) Footnote 8 in opinion: o Court says: If you don't settle, and give some dough to these plaintiffs, the peepholes and chains business are coming in the retrial even if you don't controvert feasibility in the new trial that's wrong, plaintiff shouldn't be allowed to put in this evidence unless the defense fucks up again. o I'm surprised the defendant didn't jump on that! But Wellborn thinks the plaintiff lost on cause in fact (not sure this is the case...I think but for the lack of chains and the peephole she wouldn't; have just swung open the door. She would have had to hesitate and open up the chain, and likely would have looked through the peephole...at least, that's how I feel.) If a subsequent remedial action gets in it's over. The jury does not think favorably about the fact that the defense took...
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