Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Is the lawyer telling the story and the witness is

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Unformatted text preview: ware store manager from across the street testifies that on the day of the fire he saw fire and smoke, ran there, didn't see anybody who need to be rescued, ran back. On cross the witness is asked, isn't it true that on the day of the fire the defendant bought cheese cloth and kerosene?? Plaintiff objects! o Federal Rule objection stands..defense will have to call the witness back when it is time for the defense case to be presented. o Texas rule objection overruled. Reasoning behind the restrictive rule is that it is "more orderly and easier for the jury to follow." Hypo: Dog bite case (Grey area) Showing that the restrictive rule doesn't necessarily make it "more orderly and easier for the jury to follow." Plaintiff calls a witness who can identify the parties and the dog, and testifies that she saw the defendant's dog bite the plaintiff at a certain time and place. Cross isn't it true that the plaintiff kicked the dog before the dog bit it? (Objection beyond the scope...now w...
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