Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

O but we can certainly say that the evidence of the

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Unformatted text preview: 00 men in the town who could have done it. o But, we can certainly say that the evidence of the 60% does make it more likely that he's the guy One out of 600 million is much more likely that one out of a billion. (Doesn't make it very likely but makes it more likely). Argument that should have been made: 403 misleading the jury. (Nicholas did not make any 403 arguments) o Jury's going to place a lot more weight on scientific evidence than maybe they should. o Prejudice claim by court on page 5 isn't the appropriate rule 403 argument...nothing prejudicial about the fact that he is a type A non-secretor. o 403 misleading jury argument wouldn't have worked though because the defense counsel could easily put into perspective what this 60% really implicates! DEDUCTION & CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE (James): QUASI SYLLOGISM Quasi syllogism Different than classical syllogism, doesn't give us a certainty, rather increases or decreases the probability of something. Example of Quasi-Syllogims: Major premise, someone who is in possession of stolen property a couple seconds after the pro...
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