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O there is no suggestion in the letter of efforts to

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Unformatted text preview: ngs. Panel of Superior court reversed and granted Mulach a new trial on the ground that the trial court erred in admitting this correspondence between the parties' attorneys (re: the itemized list of damages) Issue: Was the correspondence in the present case related to an offer of compromise and therefore inadmissible under Rule 408? Holding: Correspondence was not an offer of compromise and was therefore admissible. o "Offer to compromise is generally defined as the settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an adjustment of conflicting claims" Rochester stating items of damages caused by Mulach and demanding the estimated amount for their repair cannot be construed as an offer to compromise a disputed claim. Mulach's response, accepting responsibility for some items while refusing responsibility for others, does not in any way suggest that it is an offer to compromise a disputed claim. o There is no suggestion in the letter of efforts to negotiate a compromise! In fact, Mulach's letter suggests that it is unwilling...
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