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Unformatted text preview: urtherance and within the scope of an ongoing conspiracy and reasonably foreseeable as a natural or necessary consequence thereof." UNITED STATES v. AGUIAR [Hearsay Exceptions; Declarant Unavailable Forfeiture by Wrongdoing: FRE 804(b) (6)] Facts: Albino caught with heroine in bag. Albino agreed to cooperate and told authorities that he was to deliver narcotics to Aguiar. Albino exposed everything but later he changed his mind and explained that he had received written and verbal threats from Aguiar. He also expressed concern about his family's welfare. Albino gave a special agent a letter he received from Aguiar: Threatened to expose criminal conduct by Albino and urged him to act quick and contact his lawyer to clear Aguiar. Agents also search Albino's cell and found letters threatening that Albino would be convicted of murder and that prisoners would be told he was an informer. One letter had Aguiar's fingerprints on it and said that "if Albino cleared Aguiar, Albion would not have to...
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