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Unformatted text preview: Belgium FR 139 Map of Belgium Facts and Figures Geography Cities Brussels, pop. 10.5 million Dutch (Flemish) 60% French 32% German 1% Euro Adopted 1831 Languages Currency Flag Climate Some history The Balgae (Celtic tribes) Roman province 5th Century AD, Franks invade Merovingian Dynasty Carolingian Dynasty (Charlemagne) History (cont'd) Divison of France & Holy Roman Empire 11-12th Century Empire loses control, feudal states "begin" 14-15th Century "Burgundian Netherlands" Until 1581, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are "the same". History (cont'd) 16-17th Centuries: Civil War (eighty years war) 15681648. Division of the "17 Provinces" into the United Provinces (north) and the Southern Netherlands (South) History (cont'd) 1815 Congress of Vienna created United Kingdom of the Netherlands 1830 Belgian Revolution Belgian Revolution Reasons: Felt underrepresented Low popularity of William II Francophone Cathil Walloons treated poorly Religious differences Belgians had little influence over trade or economy Politics Constitutional Monarchy, parliamentary democracy 3 levels of government Constitution modified in 1993 Federal Government Foreign affairs Development aid Defense Police Economy Social welfare Social security Transport Energy Telecommunications Scientific research 90% of taxation Community Government 3 Language communities Responsible for the promotion of Language Culture Education Flemish, French & German speaking communities Regional Government Land and Property based issues Housing Local transportation Flemish Walloon Brussels Politics (cont'd) Voting: 18, universal compulsory suffrage (90% participate) Parliament Senate and Chamber of Representatives members, directly elected elected members Senate 71 Representatives 150 Poltiics (cont'd) Head of State King Albert II Plays a ceremonial and symbolic role Designates new leader to form a cabinet after an election or resignation Represents "common" Belgian identity Culture Language Three issues official Languages French Flemish German Linguistically and culturally divided into North (Dutch) and South (French) French in Belgium Differs somewhat from the French spoken in France ("Standard") Syntax (sentence structure/word order) Lexical (words) Maurice "Le Grevisse Bon Usage" FOOD! Belgian cuisine close to French cuisine Fries Chocolate Waffles Steak with Fries Mussels with fries Beer Over 500 varieties! Beer Trappist Ale, beer each abbey has it's own glass Seven breweries allowed to brew Trappist beer, 6 in Belgium, 1 in Netherlands Lambic Fruit flavored Ren Magritte Jacques Brel Tintin (Herv) Georges Lemaitre ...
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