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Gen Ed Project Excerpt: Analysis of the Federal Reserve THIS EXCERPT IS DUE IN THE BEGINNING OF THE CLASS ON FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2008 Please hit ‘enter’ to make room and then write your answers beneath the appropriate bullet points using formats that are appropriate for the respective questions. For example, if a list makes sense, make a list. Answers should be concise and contain in-text citations. You may use MLA or APA. Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy Questions: What is the basic structure of the Federal Reserve, and what is meant by an “an independent fed? Describe why many economists, especially Fed economists, treasure this independence.” Where are the regional banks of the FED? List them. Which regional bank is responsible for State College, PA? What is the FOMC? List the names of the voting members and describe the process as to who exactly gets to vote at these meetings .Who is chair of this committee? Why is the FOMC important? What do they discuss and when and how often do they meet (give the dates of the next four meetings)?. Who are the presidents of the regional banks, and what is their connection to the FOMC (list them and their respective regional banks)? What is the Board of Governors, who is on it, and what is its connection to the FOMC? What is the Beige Book, how often is it published and why is it important?
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genedexcerptecon4spring2008 - Gen Ed Project Excerpt:...

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