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Wal-mart is a private corporation and the world’s largest retailers, at the end of year 2005. This is only one of the many achievements currentlty held by wal-mart. Beside all the achivemetents there is a dark part as well, wal-mart is unable to satisfy all of its audience. Wal-mart is america’s largest employers, with the best customer satisfation rating. This is because wal-mart has used its own unique kind of different techniques for marketing and hospitality. Wal-mart supports both its employers and other institutions with its funding and donations. It provides one of the best health care plans for its employers. It helps and supports army by funding and donate for different helpful causes.
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Unformatted text preview: Wal-mart is the cheapest retailer in the town, wherever it is located. This aspect of wal-mart is the key feature behind its success. Beside all the economic benefits wal-mart provides to its consumers and emplyers, still there are some people who thinks that it is not benificial. The believe is has some worse effects on the society and cultutre. They say that it is effecting the society by attacking it in forms of different communities. Some also believe that it is also effecting the economy negatively. The question arises whether or not it has more beifits or losses in terms of both the economy and society and culture?...
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