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Matthew Rak Homework #6 Intro to International Relations Due on 2-27-08 1. The security dilemma facing us in today’s world is mainly on three levels— domestic threats, bilateral competitions, and transnational security issues. A domestic threat—or a threat on a nation’s own soil or land mass is obvious, can another country or military organization attack my country directly, Bilateral competitions—or two countries attempting to get at the same goal, just one must get there quicker can dissolve itself when one wins into a domestic threat by the other. The final source of security dilemma in the current world is a more general and vague category— transnational security—can one be safe knowing that they are on a plane or in another country visiting, that some radical or extremist will hijack their aircraft or attack their current place of residence just on coincidence or that they were American.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Weapons that are WMD’s—or weapons of mass destruction fall in to one of the following types of weapons—nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical. 3. The difference between deterrence and defense… Deterrence is the attempt to prevent war by discouraging a potential aggressor. The primary goal in this is to convince the attacker that the probable cost that he will face will far exceed any potential goal that he may have. For this to work, the defender must be able to follow through with this “threat” by showing both capability and resolve. When this doesn’t work then the defender must also be able to use counter aggression. The defense strategy is one that attempts to reduce an enemy’s capability to damage or take something away from the defender. The purpose is to resist an attack and minimize losses after deterrence has failed....
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