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Intro to International Relations Homework #1 Due on 1-23-08 1. The great powers that were present between the years of 1648 and 1789 were mostly situated in Western Europe, many of these included Great Britain, Denmark, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, and the Ottoman Empire in the South East portion of Europe and the Mediterranean. 2. The international ruling class of this time consisted mainly of families that would rule over many family generations. This was known as the Divine Right of kings, rulers of their own respective countries believed that they were the manifestation of god or the representation of their own respective deity to their people. This family lineage would
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Unformatted text preview: also expand internationally; almost all rulers of Western Europe were in some way related by marriage or blood. All of these families had one thing in common, they all had to answer to one power that was even higher then themselves, god; and the Catholic Church which could coerce obedience from kings and their subjects. 3. The Church’s domination came to an end in 1648, with the end of the thirty years war and the peace of Westphalia, this war was between Catholics and Protestants and when it came to an end, religious sovereignty became available to countries and the church’s power over kingdoms weakened and the Era of Kings began to blossom and flourish....
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