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Economics 120A Name: _________________________ Professor Yongil Jeon Summer 2008-2 Student ID#: ___________keys__________ Answer key to Homework #1 – Summer 2008-Session 2, Econ 120A (Exam #1 and a part of Exam #2, Winter 2008, Econ 120A) Answer all questions on separate paper. This problem set should be handed in to your TA at the beginning of your discussion session on Friday, August 15 , 2008 . Problem sets may not be handed in once solutions have been distributed. Please write down your name and PID clearly. Good luck! 1. Multiple Choices (2 points each – 34 points total) (1). Qualitative data a. indicate either how much or how many b. can not be numeric c. are labels used to identify attributes of elements d. must be nonnumeric Answer: c (2). The collection of all elements of interest in a particular study is a. the population b. the sampling c. statistical inference d. descriptive statistics Answer: a (3). Since a sample is a subset of the population, the sample mean (4). The sum of the relative frequencies for all classes will always equal (5). Since the population size is always larger than the sample size, then the sample statistic
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