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Intro to International Relations Due on 2-11-08 1. The Cold War was brought to a freeze because the USA and USSR could not directly fight each other. They were constantly expanding their armament against one another but they could never bring these weapons to bear because they knew that the other always had nuclear capabilities that they would bring to bear if things began to really go bad. This led to both sides bringing in proxy wars into the equation, they would instigate two outside powers to begin fighting and the USA and USSR would ally with one side to get at each other through a third party. 2. There are many theories out there today that try to explain why the Cold War ended. The first of these theories is on the Individual LoA, which is that Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the USSR. The next possible theory is that the ideals of the two powers; democracy and communism began to relate to different people, more countries in Eastern Europe began to think that democracy was better for them and
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