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Tan for Goodman - Goodman 1 Heather Goodman Dr Ward English...

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Heather Goodman Dr. Ward English 185 22 March 2016 ` Donald in Scotland PA Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a timeless play. Ambition is an innate human trait people throughout time have dealt with and can relate to. The play is originally set in Scotland during the middle ages. However, one remake of the play, Billy Morrissette’s movie, Scotland PA, transforms the original storyline into a 1970s drive-through. Because the time period changes, some of the characters are developed differently. This is definitely shown in Donald. In Shakespeare’s version, Donald is a very insignificant character. But in Scotland PA, his character is developed further. This includes the equivocation of his sexuality. Although this does provide comedic relief, it can be assumed that there is a deeper meaning to this addition. Although Morrisette has not come out and said why he made this artistic change, it can be assumed that he either did it to comment on the present sexual revolution or to accentuate themes, such as equivocation and sexuality, that are important in the original. In terms of sexual revolution, there is a giant link between the 1970s and 1990s. the removal of homosexuality from the DSM. This meant that the psychological community no longer viewed it as a mental Drescher). It can be hypothesized that the play aims to make fun of the fact that homosexuality was ever thought of as a mental illness. Thus it is mocking that it was ever in the DSM to begin with. Contrasting Donald, a reasonable character, with Macbeth who Goodman 1
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is dependent on others and delusional, does this. Although Morrisette does not make it completely clear, he hints at the fact, multiple times that Macbeth is hallucinating when he sees the witches. This would imply that Macbeth, although he is the straight male, is actually the one who has a mental disorder. And if nothing else, Macbeth definitely has a drug problem. This is clearly seen in the scene where Mac meets the “witches” for the first time. He just goes out for a walk and all of a sudden randomly reaches two men. They take him into a spinning carousel where the women, presumably, the head witch continuously switches voices. After they give him his predictions, the scene then flips into him in bed and he seems like he is hallucinating when getting visions. He closes his eyes and goes back and forth between his bed and carnival. It makes it evident that this is something he is imagining. More detail and analysis here (add in information about stonewall) link it to poster in Donald’s room and Liza Minnelli. Current sexuality issues in the late 1990s and early 2000s similar, when the movie was written, were thought of as the sexual revolution. Because the sexual issues were similar between these two time periods, it makes sense as to why the screenwriter chose to set the play in the 1970s.
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