lecture6 - Announcements Homework 2 due next Tuesday (see...

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1 ECE/CS 314 Announcements • Homework 2 due next Tuesday (see website) • Put your NAME on things you turn in • chmod ug+rwxs in your group work dir (if you haven’t) • Homework 1 solution is online; Homework 2 posted • Project 2 posted, due 2/26 (ask questions early, and talk to each other! We have great ways to check for blatant copying [even if you change variable names], but I’m advocating DISCUSSION, not plagiarism) • Reminder: submit questions to newsgroup FIRST (or ask in Section or TA/Consulting hours) •IM PO R T A N T : read newsgroup before you post! • READ THE WEB PAGE FOR CONSULTING HOURS ECE/CS 314 Asking/Answering Questions in Class • I LOVE it! Please speak up! • Please raise your hand, so I can call on people in back, too • Don’t be afraid to speak up – Usually more than one “right” answer – Sometimes “wrong” answers lead to better discussion, so you may make a bigger contribution by revealing where you’re confused (and if you’re confused, so is someone else!) ECE/CS 314 Hennessy and Patterson • Read Chapter 2 – 2.1 through 2.9 plus 3.1, 3.2 (DONE) – 2.10 through 2.15 plus 2.17 (DONE) • Read Chapter 3 and 4 – 3.3-3.6 and 3.8-3.9 (DONE) 4.1-4.6 for next Tuesday • Read supplemental docs we give you – “Notes on Programming in C” – “MIPS Calling Convention” (DONE [or you’re dead]) Read CD good for prelim study – Read Appendix A.10 on CD (DONE) Read Appendix A.1-A-5 for this Thursday ECE/CS 314 • Interviewers love the book • You must at least SKIM enough to be able to speak intelligently about it • I don’t like the focus on performance numbers and the inconsistency in asm examples (but they’re rich; I’m not)
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2 ECE/CS 314 Quick Reality Check: Big Picture ECE 314 operating systems I/O memory datapaths & pipelining ALU design & arithmetic digital logic Machine behavior & performance MIPS assembly programming ISA design Here’s where we are in the course These are the hardest parts ECE/CS 314 High Level View of Programming main() { int a, *b, c; c = a + *b; } .text .ent main .global main main: lw $t0,0($a0) addiu $t3 , $t3,$t0 0x7456… 0xA16B… (just examples, not real xlation) C program Assembly code Machine code (not quite executable) Compile Assemble Next: assemblers and linkers, then on to performance ECE/CS 314 Note on MIPS Programming • You don’t put an instruction in branch delay slot • Assembler does it for you • You need to know about delay slot for later, when you implement MIPS functionality (Project 2) • You need to know about delay slot for
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lecture6 - Announcements Homework 2 due next Tuesday (see...

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