EGEE Lesson 4 - Greenhouse Effects Greenhouse effect is...

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Greenhouse Effects Greenhouse effect is good b/c keeps Earth above 0 degrees Celsius, but high concentration causes devastating effects. CO2 climbed over 31%- comes from combustion of solid waste, fossil fuels (Coal, Oil, N.Gas) and wood and wood products CH4 climbed over 151%- due to transportation of fossil fuels and decomposition of organic materials *CO2 and CH4 accounts for 90% of total greenhouse gas emissions in United States N2O climbed 17%- comes from agriculture Other gases are from industrial process Atmospheric lifetime- period of time during which gas changes and either transformed or removed from the atmosphere GWP- an index defined as the cumulative radiative forcing (IR radiation absoption) between present and some chosen time horizon cause by a unit mass of gas emitted now, expressed relative to a reference gas such as CO2, as is used here. GWP is an attempt to provide a simple measure of relative radiative effects of different greenhouse gases. Since 1880, when industrial age 1 st started, average increase in global temperature has been 1 degree Fahrenheit During periods of time where there was no human activity: Average increase= 2 degrees Celcius or 4 degrees Fahrenheit Average decrease= 8 degrees Celcius or 17 degrees Fahrenheit Global Warming The net balance between incoming solar energy and outgoing energy causes the temperature change
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What is known? Human activities change the Earth’s Atmosphere What is likely? Greenhouse gas contribute to global warming; clouds, particles, and oceans impact temperature; global warming affects health, water resources, polar regions, coastal zones and forests. What is uncertain? Long term effects of global warming especially for smaller areas. Factors affecting Temperature:
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EGEE Lesson 4 - Greenhouse Effects Greenhouse effect is...

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