lecture1 - ECE/CS314 Computer Organization Build a Computer...

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1 ECE/CS314 ECE/CS314 Computer Organization Build a Computer in Three Months Learn How to Program It Instructors – Prof. Douglas Long dll26@cornell.edu • Regular office hours T/R 3:00-4:00 PH 207 • Other hours by appointment if necessary – Prof. Sally McKee sam@csl.cornell.edu • I’ll be away next week • I can do office hours by appointment • Regular office hours W 3:00-4:00 UP 365 Web Page (being set up) – http://www.csl.cornell.edu/courses/ece314 – CHECK IT OFTEN – TAs, Consultants, Office Hours will be there – This document will be linked in 2 ECE/CS314 CMS • We’re in the process of entering preregistered netids into CMS • Post to the newsgroup if you didn’t preregister • We’ll use CMS for all homework/project submissions (so they have to be in electronic form – no scans!) • Deadlines will be 10 p.m. (Tuesdays for first half of semester, Thursdays later) 3 ECE/CS314 The Syllabus • You’re responsible for reading it • Updates will be available via website (http://www.csl.cornell.edu/courses/ece314) • Things to note: – No late homework, but you can drop one – Submit questions to the newsgroup first – Prelims are Thursday 3/13 and Tuesday 4/22 – NO CALCULATORS ON PRELIMS – Projects count a lot, so start early 4 ECE/CS314 Flexgrade=5% • You MUST fill out TA and course evals • Rest of this may be based on: – Participation – Improvement throughout the semester – Attitude – Effort
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5 ECE/CS314 Sections/Office Hours/Consulting • Sections/Office Hours/Consulting Hours will be posted on website • SECTIONS/TA HOURS START NEXT WEEK 6 ECE/CS314 Hennessy and Patterson • Read Chapter 1 to get the Big Picture • Read Chapter 2 – 2.1 through 2.9 plus 3.1, 3.2 for this Thursday – 2.10 through 2.15 plus 2.17 for next Thursday • Read Chapter 3 – 3.3-3.6 and 3.8-3.9 before following Thursday DO THE READING 7 ECE/CS314 End of Logistics More info on Sections, Hours next time (class is so big that organization takes longer) More instruction/data representation today, next week Assembly programming up next 8 ECE/CS314 CPU Organization • Registers – Hold binary encodings – Size varies w/ CPU, usually 32 or 64 bits (modern gp/hpc cores are 64-bit) – Like variables in a higher-level language – For simplicity, we’ll use the notation $1, $2 (but may use r1, R1 or similar sometimes) • Functional units • Control unit
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lecture1 - ECE/CS314 Computer Organization Build a Computer...

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