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CS 381 Assignment 3 due Friday, Sept. 15, 2006 Please write your name and net id on all pages turned in. We need net id to record your grade. If you turn in each problem on a separate sheet we will grade your problems in parallel and get your assignment back to you by the following Wednesday. If you turn in homework not on separate sheets we will circulate your homework and grade the problems in serial and thus it will likely be delayed somewhat in getting back to you . 1. Describe the set { } { } { } { } 22 010 1| 1 * 0*1 01010 1| 1* nn εε ≥+ I . How does this set differ from the set in last week’s homework? 2. Think of a good example of a set that can be accepted by a finite automata and provide and English description of the set. Be creative and come up with a set not used in class but also keep it simple. Create the transition diagram for a fa accepting your set. 3. a) Write a regular expression for all strings of 0’s and 1’s having an even number of 0’s. Does every string denoted by your expression have an even number of 0’s?
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