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HW4 - ECE 2B Circuits and Systems Winter 2008 Reading...

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ECE 2B Circuits and Systems Winter 2008 Reading Assignment: Thomas & Rosa (T&R): Chapters 9-10 Homework #4 Due: Monday 4 February 2008 As always, use the tables of Laplace transforms and supplementary materials on the course web-site wherever possible (figs. 10-4 and 10-5 of T&R may be of help too): 1) Do problem 9.22 in T&R 2) Do problem 9.24 in T&R 3) Do problem 9.26 in T&R V(s) 1 F 4 1F 2H V g (s) 2 4) Do problem 10.8 in T&R 5) Find the transfer function in the s-domain for the circuit shown at right, assuming all initial conditions are zero. ( )/ ( ) g V s V s V(t) V g (t) 4 0.25 F 1 H 6) The circuit at right is driven by a step
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