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ECE 2B Circuits and Systems Winter 2008 Reading Assignment: Thomas & Rosa (T&R): Chapters 7 (sec 7.5-7.8) & Chapter 9 Homework #3 Due: Monday 28 January 2008 More practice with second-order circuits (Chap 7): 1) Do problem 7.42 in T&R 2) For the second-order circuit at right, do the following: a. First, find the differential equation for () out Vt b. Find the roots of the characteristic equation assuming 10nH L = , 50pF C = , and 1 R . Is this over-damped, under-damped, or critically damped? V in C L R V out + - c. Assuming a step-function stimulus in Vt u t = , find and sketch the output
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