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ECE 2B Circuits and Systems Winter 2007 Reading Assignment: Thomas & Rosa (T&R): Chaps 12 & 14 Homework #7 Due: Friday 9 March 2007 1) Do problem 10.38 in T&R (a review problem using nodal analysis) 2) Do problem 12.44 in T&R 3) In the RC circuit at right, find the capacitor values that will give a second-order low-pass response with a corner frequency of 0 1 ω = and a damping factor of 2 ξ = . Make a Bode amplitude plot for your design. 4) Do problem 12.22 in T&R 5) Design a parallel RLC resonator with 100 R = to have a resonant frequency of 100 kHz, and a Q =10. 6) Find the s-domain transfer function for the series LC circuit shown here, and design the circuit to have a resonant frequency of 1 inductor available. Then, on the same
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