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Homework 3: Dynamic programming, Divide and conquer. July 3, 2008 This homework is due on July 14, 2008. To make sure you submit the right question, the first line of the question is typed out. 1. Exercise 5 from Chapter 6. As some of you know ell, and others of you may be interested to learn, a number of languages (including Chinese and Japanese) are written without spaces between the words. 2. Exercise 6 from Chapter 6. In a word processor, the goal of “pretty-printing” is to take text with a ragged right margin, like this, .
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Unformatted text preview: . . 3. Exercise 14 from Chapter 6. A large collection of mobile wireless devices can naturally form a network in which the devices are the nodes, . . . 4. Exercise 1 from Chapter 5. You are interested in analyzing some hard-to-obtain data from two separate databases. 5. Exercise 3 from Chapter 5. Suppose you’re consulting for a bank that’s concerned about fraud detection . . . 6. Exercise 6 from Chapter 5. Consider an n-node complete binary tree T, where n-2 d-1 for some d. 1...
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