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Tips to Reduce Sodium (from the American Heart Association) Most foods in their natural state contain sodium. But most sodium in our diet is added to food while it's being commercially processed or prepared at home . That’s why you need to be aware of both natural and added sodium content when you choose foods to lower your sodium intake. When buying prepared and prepackaged foods, read the labels. Many different sodium compounds are added to foods. These are listed on food labels. Watch for the words soda and sodium and the symbol Na on labels — these words show that sodium compounds are present. Sodium compounds to avoid Salt (sodium chloride) — Used in cooking or at the table; used in canning and preserving. Monosodium glutamate (also called MSG) — a seasoning used in home, restaurant and hotel cooking and in many packaged, canned and frozen foods. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) — Sometimes used to leaven breads and cakes; sometimes added to vegetables in cooking; used as alkalizer for indigestion. Baking powder — used to leaven quick breads and cakes.
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