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Ruby Dharsi Project 3 – Nutr 358 Nutrition Assessment : After reviewing the data, this client is consuming enough calories to meet the needs of my caloric output. With this particular day, this client is consuming slightly more than her daily needs. This data states that she is consuming about 2528 calories per day and burning, on average, 2499 calories per day (both numbers are from the Diet Analysis software). Nutrition Diagnosis : NC 3.3 – overweight/obese Caloric intake is slightly higher than caloric output causing weight gain and/or overweight status. This client is considered overweight with a BMI of 26. She has a high disease risk relative to BMI and waist circumference. Her arm muscle area percentile and calf circumference are in the 76 th percentile, but her triceps skin fold percentile is in the 91 st percentile, indicating a high body
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Unformatted text preview: fat status. Nutrition Intervention : Currently, this client’s caloric input is about equal to her output. The client’s diet seems to be relatively balanced; however I would recommend a diet lower in fat to reduce the risk of disease. Distribution of calories fell within the acceptable range. Client is a lacto-vegetarian, but consumes enough vegetable protein and beans to meet protein needs. To combat weight gain, I would suggest the client engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, as opposed to her current estimation of 30 minutes a day. By increasing her physical activity level, the client will increase caloric output and be able to lose some weight. Increased physical activity will improve both her lean body status and body fat composition....
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