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Final Review - Exercises 100 KeySkills Predicting Chemical...

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Exercises 100 Key Skills Predicting Chemical Formulas of an Ionic Compound (9.a) .Example 9.1 . For Practice 9.1 . Exercises 43,44 Predicting Relative Lattice Energies (9.4) .Example 9.2 . For Practice 9.2 . For More Practice 9.2 . Exercise 48 Classifying Bonds: Pure Covalent, Polar Covalent, or Ionic (9.5) .Example 9.3 . For Practice 9.3 . Exercises 55,56 Writing Lewis Structures for Covalent Compounds (9.7) .Examples 9.4,9.5 . For Practice 9.4,9.5 . Exercises 53, 54 Writing Lewis Structures for Polyatomic Ions (9.7) .Example 9.6 . For Practice 9.6 . Exercises 59-62 Writing Resonance Lewis Structures (9.8) .Example 9.7 . For Practice 9.7 . Exercises 61, 62 Assigning Formal Charges to Assess Competing Resonance Structures (9.8) .Example 9.8 . For Practice 9.8 . For More Practice 9.8 . Exercises 63,64 Writing Lewis Structures for Compounds Having Lxpanded Octets (9.9) .Example 9.9 . For Practice 9.9 . For More Practice 9.9 . Exercises 71, 72 Calculating AH.o, from Bond Energies (9.10) .Example 9.10 . For Practice 9.10 . For More Practice 9.10 . Exercises 75-77 F trxercrses Review Questions L Why are bonding theories important? 2. Give some examples of what bonding theories can predict. 3. \{hy do chemical bonds form? What basic forces are involved in bonding? 4. How does the potential energy of trvo charged particles depend on each of the following: a. magnitude of the charges b. sign ofthe charges c. separation between the charges 5. What are the three basic types of chemical bonds? What happens to electrons in the bonding atoms in each case? 6. How do you determine how many dots to put around the Lewis symbol of an element? 7. Describe the octet rule in Lewis theory. 8. According to Lewis theory what is a chemical bond? 9. How do you draw an ionic Lewis structure? 10. How can Lewis theory be used to determine the formula of ionic compounds? Give an example. ll. Whar is lattice energy? 12. Why is the formation of solid sodium chloride from solid sodium and gaseous chlorine exotiermic, even though it takes more energy to form the Na+ ion than the amount of energy released upon formation of Cl- ? 13. What is the Born-Haber Cycle? List each of the steps in the rycle and show how the cycle is used to calculate lattice energy. 14. How does lattice energy depend on ionic radii? On ion charge? 15. How does the ionic bonding model explain the relatively high melting points of ionic compounds?
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Final Review - Exercises 100 KeySkills Predicting Chemical...

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