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Ruby Dharsi Nutr 360 Veg. Brochure The target audience for my brochure is any age group, gender, or ethnicity who might be considering vegetarianism. I chose to use the transtheoretical model: stages of change. I feel that my brochure addresses each stage as outlined below: Pre-contemplation: the definition of vegetarianism puts the very idea into this person’s head. Contemplation: the explanation of types of vegetarianism can help this person decide where they fall in the spectrum. More so, the reasons for changing may push this person
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Unformatted text preview: closer to the change of vegetarianism Action: the recipe and meal planning tips show how easy it is for a person to change to a vegetarian lifestyle Maintenance: the Nutrients of Concern remind current vegetarians to be proactive about their nutrient intake, and the meat substitutes offer suggestions for those who might want meat like substances in their diet. The final flap, Staying Healthy can be used at any stage of this model....
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