Tocqueville Essay #1

Tocqueville Essay #1 - Essay #1: I agree most with Part II...

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Essay #1: I agree most with Part II of Volume II of Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville. I believe that democracy has the most impact on the sentiments of Americans. Part II focuses on the importance of the difference that exists between the ideals of freedom and equality. I agree that the negative side of equality tends to dominate our American society. Americans as a whole seem to see equality as conformity, which is clearly not the case. Equality means that all people are given equal rights and an equal opportunity to succeed in America, not that we are all the same. The overwhelming sentiment of Americans tends to be that we all need to fit some imaginary mold in order to be acceptable. In a democracy, equality can be achieved when all people have the same right to express their opinions and ideals, regardless of their differences. As Tocqueville mentions, democracy is important to maintain equality, and educate that individual differences in Americans is what makes democracy in America successful. America is a very diverse country, and we must not try to force people to conform to each other in order to achieve the basic rights upon which our country was built. Tocqueville also discusses freedom, and what it truly means to be free in Part II. Tocqueville discusses that freedom and equality are not opposites, but in fact complimentary to each other. “Men will be perfectly free because they are entirely equal, and they will be perfectly equal because they are entirely free.” Fortunately, Tocqueville recognizes that under a democracy, we must not place so much focus on
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Tocqueville Essay #1 - Essay #1: I agree most with Part II...

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