Toqueville Chapter Summaries

Toqueville Chapter Summaries - Summary of Volume II Part 3...

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Summary of Volume II Part 3 Chapters 1-10: In chapter 1, Tocqueville discusses the influence of equality in democracy on the empathy of the American people. Tocqueville discusses that when Americans see each other as equals, they are more likely to be sympathetic to people in harsh situations, because they can see themselves being put in the same situation. Unfortunately, in America today we do not see each other as equals, and therefore many people are not able to see themselves in the homeless, poor, and ill American’s shoes. However, if equality truly were a resounding principle in America, I believe that people would see others as Tocqueville predicted. In chapter 2, Tocqueville discusses how Americans typically relations with each other in a democracy would be pleasant and easy because of a lack of class distinctions and prejudice. This is definitely not the case in our American democracy today. Our democracy has not eliminated class distinctions or prejudice between Americas. Because of this fact, interactions between many Americans are seldom pleasant or easy. In chapter 3, Tocqueville mentions how Americans behave differently in their own country then in other countries. In America, Tocqueville assesses that Americans, because of equality, treat each other with understanding and fairness. As I have mentioned before, this is not always the case. However, Tocqueville also discusses that in foreign countries, American behave with an unnecessary superiority over others. This I do agree with. Americans do tend to act like America is a much superior country to others, which is why other countries tend to think so little of us. Chapter 4 is a summary of the three preceding chapters and their effects on the attitudes of Americans. I do not agree with this chapter, because I do not believe that Americans feel as connected to each other as Tocqueville assumes. Though, I do believe that many Americans do see themselves as weak, especially after sudden events like 9-11 and the Virginia Tech shootings. In chapter 5, Tocqueville compares a democracy and an aristocracy, and their influence on the
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Toqueville Chapter Summaries - Summary of Volume II Part 3...

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