Gpsyc 160 Womens Fetal Rights Paper

Gpsyc 160 Womens Fetal Rights Paper - Affirmative and...

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Affirmative and Negative Arguments for Women’s vs. Fetal Rights There are many affirmative and negative arguments for women’s rights as well as those for fetal rights. It seems as if this debate will never come to an end. Though you may be set in one specific opinion on this controversial subject, it is important to understand all sides of the debate. The issue of pro-choice and pro-life has been around for a very long time. There are many different arguments regarding this topic. Some people believe that it is possible to support women's rights and fetal rights at the same time. Though this may seem difficult, it is actually simpler than people realize. There are many options and choices available besides an abortion, or otherwise terminating a pregnancy. Using these other options, such as adoption and foster parenting, a woman can use her right to not keep her child, because she feels unable to raise it, or otherwise does not wish to, and the fetus can still keep its life, maintaining every child's right to live. When choosing an affirmative or negative opinion on this issue there are many things to consider. The first criteria to consider are the experimental facts and statistics about when life begins and whether or not abortion is the right choice. According to one of our group members, pro-choice and pro-life issues are completely based on values and current laws by the government. The issue at hand is where life begins, yet there are not proven facts about where it begins, which is why there is so much debate over the topic. It was argued that life does not begin at conception. Many believe that unless there is a fetus, that life cannot exist and aborting quickly is also acceptable. On one hand, people believe that once the heart of the fetus is beating that’s when another life has begun. On the other hand, many people argue that the baby and her mother is one; therefore, life is begun after she gives birth to the child, and that is
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Gpsyc 160 Womens Fetal Rights Paper - Affirmative and...

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