CSR PAPER - Ethics in Corporate Governance The need for...

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Ethics in Corporate Governance The need for leadership in today’s world is critical for our decisions in the environment and world energy. Concerns about climate change and the destruction of the environment primarily due to inefficient energy use are evident and growing exponentially. Solving this problem requires that everyone get involved. Therefore, a leader must step forward as a guide to help stop the damage of the earth through harmful gas emissions. A leader in this position must hold strong values in ethics and the belief in helping to benefit society, in the present and future. Large energy companies who have not yet taken an active role in corporate social responsibility need more encouragement and support from government policymakers. Policymakers need to implement stronger incentives for new energy development and concern for the benefit of society. We are focusing on committees that have the ability to implement these changes, these committees include: The House Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, House Committee on Natural Resources, House Committee on Science and Technology, and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. These committees will be presented information and have the ability to react appropriately. This analysis of corporate governance, ethics, and CSR are tied to three key sections of Exxon and other energy companies’ actions. We begin with an analysis of the
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history of the four largest energy companies to understand how to make the most effective recommendations. Secondly, we define and describe the opportunities in becoming a leader in the world of energy, while holding high values in ethics. We conclude our report with a summary of how energy companies are reacting to evidence about global warming. We show how some companies are taking advantage of a profitable sector and how others are ignoring and denying scientific evidence. CSR and Corporate Governance Businesses and their operations play an essential role in the growth and sustainability of society. Corporate Social Responsibility has been an emerging topic among economists, businesses, and organizations. CSR deals with the attitudes and implementations of businesses towards sectors of society from the environment to the wellbeing of human nature. If a company practices effective or “good” Corporate Social Responsibility, the long-term result should benefit both the company as well as the wellbeing of society. Good CSR can only the in effect when a company practices strong ethical corporate governance. A perfect example of this is the ExxonMobil Corporation and its’ failure to align their values with that of society and the environment. ExxonMobil will be a major focus in this analysis for how ethics in corporate governance
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CSR PAPER - Ethics in Corporate Governance The need for...

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