Economic Geography Lecture Notes

Economic Geography Lecture Notes - Economic Geography...

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Economic Geography (2100) Lecture Notes - Movement of textile industry to the South: cheap labor o Started in 1930’s  o Reason for not starting earlier: power sources needed (water power in north) o Advent of air conditioning that textile industry could move south (cannot  produce textiles in a high-humidity environment  o Pulled jobs out of Mass. Which lead to high unemployment rates o Depressed wages in manufacturing in Mass. - High Tech Industry starts in Mass. o Banks needing to loan off their money since textile mills left – high tech  businesses perfect – needed outlets for money o Boston was the first city to build a circumferential highway network (Route  128) that circled Boston Circles the high tech firms that were located around Boston Easy access to interstates o Several Mass. Universities located around Boston – many firms formed by  professors – ideas from universities and students being trained for the new  businesses o Prime situation o Silicon Valley developed as a High Tech center
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This note was uploaded on 09/03/2008 for the course GEOG 2100 taught by Professor Osleeb during the Spring '08 term at UConn.

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Economic Geography Lecture Notes - Economic Geography...

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