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Political Science Lecture Notes - A Mediating...

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Political Science Lecture Notes - Reading for Monday (Democracy with Adjectives: Conceptual innovation in Comparative  Research – World Politics 40 (3): 430-51 (ejournal) – scholar.google.com Some Nomenclature - The outcome being studied (Y): The Dependent variable - The effects being considered (X): The Independent variable - Operationalize your variable: how do you measure General Types of Theory - Economic - Culture - Institutional - Power - Psychological (related to culture) Correlation - Changes in X associated with changes in Y o Changes = differences in a cross-section - Positive correlation (Xup -> Yup) - Negative correlation (Xup -> Ydown) A Direct Relation - Wealth ---  Democracy  Indirect Relationship - Wealth -  Education (intervening variable) --  Democracy - Mechanism = pathway, the thing that is doing the work (education)
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- BUT – this relationship might still exist (or there might be other intervening variables)
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Unformatted text preview: A Mediating Relationship-Economic Crisis o Country is wealthy: Democracy remains o Country is poor: Possible coup Spurious Relationship-Wealth and democracy are correlated but are caused by something else-Wealth Legal Tradition Democracy-Can be a cause or a correlate -The relationship between Wealth and Democracy also likely exists Reverse Causation-Wealth Democracy-Also called endogeneity Avoiding the last 2 types of correlations-Theory!!!-Consider alternative explanations o What is the author overlooking? o Is it likely to be correlated with the variables of interest? o Test argument in multiple ways For Section: Read Box 3.1 from Baglione (on CT) Read Bound to rule: party institituions and regime trajectories…. . Discuss: what types of theories does he use? What types of relationships does he discuss? What are his main conclusions? Preactice on how to read statistics...
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Political Science Lecture Notes - A Mediating...

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