History 131 (008D) Notes

History 131 (008D) Notes - The Susquehannocks Discover...

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The Susquehannocks Discover Europeans (Source Book pg 1-7) John Smith heard from his guides and interpreters about a strange group of people known as the Susquehannocks (named after a river that passes through their territory) Some Indians acquired hatchets, pieces of iron and knives from these people – Smith was now interested even more so and arranged a meeting Upon meeting these strange people he observed that that they had brought with them many things such as bows, animal pelts, venison, arrows, beads and tobacco pipes and the people were very large in stature Various European nations have encountered this groups, each with different names: Andaste (French) and Minqua (Dutch/Swedish) By 1670, warfare with other Indians and Europeans dramatically reduced their population and they resettled in other Indian groups Indians displaced by war and colonization re-established in the lower Susquehanna area which became known by colonists as Conestoga Town (a hybrid town of Indians by the Conestoga creek) Europeans came and disrupted the local communities which lead to warfare, dispersal and decline. There’s lack of evidence from the Indians point of view So…Archaeology is used o Can be used to trace changes in Indian cultures over thousands of years prior to European contact, quickly deflates the notion of Indians living in a timeless paradise awaiting the arrival of Europeans to jump-start history for them. Likewise, the excavation of Indian sites from the colonial era can tell us much about the impact that colonization had on Indian communities in their material culture, social, relations and even spiritual beliefs. o
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History 131 (008D) Notes - The Susquehannocks Discover...

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