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CEE 372: Mechanics of Solids Spring 2017 Assigned: 04/27 Due: 05/02 Homework #22 1) The system shown below consists of a square timber column with E = 12 GPa which is pinned at the base as well as the connection at B. The beam is pinned at A. Determine: a) Axial force in the column for the given loading, ignore the self-weight of the beam. [Ans to check: P = 225kN] b) Required cross-section dimensions of the column if the required factor of safety against buckling is 2. 2) The steel tube with cross-sectional area shown is made of A992 steel. If the tube has a length of 15 ft and is fixed at one end and free at the other end, determine the maximum axial load that the tube can support without causing it to buckle. [Ans. to check: P cr = 32.2 kips]
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