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The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic 1800 – 1812
Democratic-Republicans Take Over Government The election of 1800 seemed to give the voters a clear choice John Adams (Federalist) campaigned for strong government and public order Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) campaigned for farmers, liberty, and states’ rights Once Democratic-Republicans took power, events of the early 1800s forced them to expand government power, even though they were ideologically opposed to this
Federalist and Republican Mudslingers Weakness of the Federalists The Alien and Sedition Acts had increased the hostility of the Jeffersonians toward them Hamiltonians (High Federalists) had split with Adams principally over his decision not to go to war with France Federalists had prepared for a war with France, increasing taxes and public debt; these preparations were seen as wasteful and extravagant