exam 1 notes - PSYCH 412 First exam notes Biological...

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PSYCH 412 First exam notes Biological Transitions - first off, what is adolescence? Social changes, transitional period from social changes, transitional period from childhood to adulthood, changes in level of autonomy, puberty, rites of passage - biological- puberty and sexual reproduction - cognitive- emergence and consolidation of advanced mental processes - educational- middle school to completion of informal schooling - chronological- based on age - cultural- rites of passage, (skin deep video) - interpersonal- moving from parents to peers to romantic relationships - individualization- formation of identity and detachment from parents - puberty- capable of sexual reproduction - five manifestation o rapid acceleration of growth o primary sex characteristics o secondary sex characteristics o changes in body composition o changes in circulatory/respiratory systems onset of puberty - the endocrine system o info signaling system where specific glands release hormones to interact at various sites - feedback loop o regulations much like a thermostat o hypothalamus > releasing hormones > pituitary gland > hormones > gonads > release of androgens o adrenarche- maturation of the adrenal gland involving structural and functional changes o leptin (located in the hypothalamus) o substance produced by fat cells though to possibly be linked to the onset of puberty o somatic development- adolescent growth spurt and peak height velocity
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exam 1 notes - PSYCH 412 First exam notes Biological...

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