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1. Define a. Deaf Community -represents a very diverse entity with demographic, audiological, linguistic, political, and social dimension b. Deaf Culture -individuals iwithin the deaf community who use ASL and share beliefs, values, customs, and experiences 2. Approximately how many Americans are deaf or hard of hearing? 28 million are deaf or hard of hearing Why is this number so difficult to estimate? - lack of uniformityin defining the term hearing loss - multiple data sets 3. About how many Americans have permanent noise- or trauma-induced hearing loss? 10 million permanent, irreversible hearing loss from noise or truama 4. Discuss incidence of hearing loss according to the following criteria: a. People over age 65/People ages 18-34 29.1%/3.4% b. Male/female 10.5%/6.8% c. Education level prevalence greater for non high school graduates d. Family income family income less than 10,000 twice as likely than income of 50,000 5. Describe the challenges faced by Deaf Native American children. 200+ dialects, high poverty levels, low graduation rates 6. Approximately what proportion of Americans with hearing loss consider themselves to be part of the Deaf culture? 400,000 7. Is the number of Deaf children of color increasing or decreasing? Increasing 10% every year 8. What are the four worlds in which Deaf people from multicultural backgrounds live? Family, world of dominantly white culture, world of dominant deaf culture, and deaf multicultural culture 9. What does it mean to write Deaf with a capital D ? With a lower-case d? Deaf- affiliation with deaf culture or the deaf world Deaf- refers to medical/audiological descriptions of being deaf 10. Why do members of the Deaf culture shy away from terms like hearing impaired ? Hearing impaired is offensive because it focuses on the disability and not who they are or how they live 11. How do professionals tend to use the terms deaf and hearing impaired ?
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