Fall2008_4616Syllabus - Economics 4616-002 Labor Economics...

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1 Economics 4616-002: Labor Economics Fall 2008 MWF 12-12:50PM Room: Economics 119 Class Website through CULearn: https://culearn.colorado.edu/ No Class: 9/1 (Labor Day), 11/24-11/28 (Fall Break) Professor Francisca Antman Office: Economics 14b Office Hours: Monday 3:00-4:30PM, Wednesday 3:00-4:30PM, and by appointment Phone: (303) 492-8872 Email: [email protected] (preferred method of contact) Course Description In this class we will study the labor market, focusing on supply and demand factors that determine labor allocation and remuneration. We will also explore topics at the heart of modern labor economics including human capital and household production decisions as well as the effects of unions, tax policy, and immigration on the labor market. Prerequisites : Economics 3070 (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory). Textbook : George Borjas, Labor Economics , McGraw Hill, 2008. (4 th edition) If you would like to use a previous edition, it is your responsibility to make sure you cover any differences between the two editions that are relevant to our class. Grading Midterm 1: 20% Midterm 2: 20% Final Exam (cumulative): 40% Homework 1 & 2: 10% In-class Exercises, Attendance & Participation: 10% Class Policies The text covers far more material than will be covered in class and I will present material in class that is not in the textbook, so it is in your interest to come to class. You will be responsible for material covered in lectures unless otherwise mentioned in class or noted by email or on the course website. Occasionally, I will also make available articles from other sources that I would like for you to read for class discussion. There is no excuse for missing an exam unless there is a documented medical or family emergency. Note that you are required to submit documentation of any emergency. In all other cases, failure to take an exam will result in a zero for that exam. If a legitimate emergency arises, other exams will be re-weighted; no make-up exams will be given. If you foresee any legitimate conflict with the dates of the assignments or exams, please see me at least two weeks beforehand or as soon as possible.
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2 If you miss a class, you are responsible for obtaining notes on the material we covered from another classmate.
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Fall2008_4616Syllabus - Economics 4616-002 Labor Economics...

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