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Leather     1 Explanatory Synthesis David Leather Prostitution very well might be “the world’s oldest profession” (Armentano), but it is also the center of one of the world’s oldest debates. The fulcrum of that debate being: Should prostitution be legal? Paul Armentano, in the article “The Case for Legalized Prostitution “, takes the pro stance; prostitution should be legal. While on the other hand, Dr. Janice G. Raymond, in her article “10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution” takes the con stance; prostitution should not be legal. Prostitution is defined as the exchange of money, for sexual intercourse. For ages, prostitutes have been looked down upon, both legally, and socially. It has also been accused of being a main contributor to the socio- economic problems: human trafficking, and sex tourism. More recently, prostitution led to the resignation of ex-New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. The first main point of the argument that will be analyzed is: Does the legalization of prostitution promote women’s health? Paul Armentano states that “In the relatively free market of Nevada, where prostitution is legal, not one (as of 1989) of the state- licensed prostitutes has ever tested positive for AIDs”. He goes on to argue that if prostitution were legalized, the governments could make standards and /or licenses. For example, prostitutes would be forced into to having monthly, or even weekly tests for STDs. If someone failed a test they would have their prostitution license or suspended or something along those lines. On the contrary, Raymond argues that “Health checks make no public health sense because monitoring prostituted women does not protect them from HIV /AIDS or STDs”. She also states that according to a study conducted by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW), that “47% [of prostitutes
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Leather     2 interviews] stated that men expected sex without a condom; 73% reported that men offered to pay more for sex without a condom; 45% of women said they were abused if they insisted that men use condoms” (Raymond). She goes on to explain that in theory
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Explanatory Synthesis - Leather 1 Explanatory Synthesis...

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