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Leather 1 Formal Outline Intro: Introduction Paragraph : I will give some general intro on topic to draw reader in. Then I will briefly state the argument at hand at the end. Sources: 1. “…the environment presents challenges to living species, to which the later may respond by adaptive genectic changes” (Dobzhansky) Con Stance: Here I will introduce the con stance and give background on it. “…young-earth creationists insist the universe and all life were created in six days about six thousand years ago.” (Edis) “Alabama has become the first state to approve a Bible textbook for statewide adoption. ..” (Phan) Pro Paragraph : I will give background on the pro stance in this paragraph as well as introducing the pro stance. “When Charles Darwin opened his first notebook on the subject of how organisms change over time, the field was not even referred to as evolution” (“Darwin’s Rotifers; Evolution”) Fulcrum / Thesis: Here I will state the fulcrum of the debate at the beginning. This will be followed some of the main issues involved. Then I will end the paragraph by clearly stating my thesis. Body: Main Point 1: Schools should only be able teach science based on evidence. Background Paragraph: Here I will include some background on the main point. Con Stance:
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Formal Outline - Leather 1 Formal Outline Intro:...

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