Net Neutrality - Leather 1 Net Neutrality & the History...

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Leather 1 David Leather The internet is an extremely potent source of information today. Since the beginnings of its days it has always been a neutral. What I mean is that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast and Verizon has supplied to connectivity to the internet but did not filter what the end user views on the internet. Every website from Google to a no-name blogger is treated the same way. This is why net neutrality plays such a crucial role in what makes the internet so great. Without net neutrality ISPs would be able to determine what you could and could not access on the internet and make additional fees to access higher level content on the internet. Net neutrality is vital to the success to the internet and should not be changed under any circumstances. When the internet was first discovered it was not called the internet, it was called ARPANET which stood for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. This technology was created at made by University of California Los Angeles students and the United States Department of Defense. As Vinton Cerf exclaimed in the Article “How the Internet Came to Be”, “When I started graduate school, I was originally looking at multiprocessor hardware and software. Then a Request For Proposal came in from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA. The proposal was about packet switching, and it went along with the packet- switching network that DARPA was building”. ARPANET was essentially just the equivalent to a simple home network. A network is multiple computers connected together to establish a way of communication between them. The creation of ARPANET marked the birth of what we now call the internet.
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Leather 2 It wasn’t up until about twenty years later in the 1990’s that the internet really took off. “In the 1990s we started to see commercial services showing up, a direct consequence of the NSFNet initiative, which started in 1986 as a 56 Kbps network based on LSI-11s with software developed by David Mills, who was at the University of Delaware” (Cerf). Around the mid 1980’s Routing vendors such as Cisco and 3COM started to popup all over the place, and then when everyone switched to the TCP network protocol which allowed the internet to have a standard set of protocols; the internet grew from only a handful of networks to over ten thousand networks! (Cerf). This was only to beginning as you know. In a nutshell, computers became cheaper and more mainstream in the household. Next up was e-mail which allowed friends and
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Net Neutrality - Leather 1 Net Neutrality & the History...

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