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Leather     1 Research Paper David Leather Teaching evolution in public schools has consistently been a hot topic of political debate every few years. It has always been that the more liberal people have supported evolution and, the more conservative church-goers have supported teaching creationism in public schools. In fact, just a couple months ago the debate was revived in the extremely conservative state of Florida, with a vote to change Florida’s science curriculum. The change consisted of making it mandatory for public school’s to explicitly teach the theory of evolution. Even with the outcome in Florida, the debate still raves on. There is only one category for people who believe that evolution should be taught in school. They are generally called evolutionists. Evolution is the change of a species over time. A better explanation is when“…the environment presents challenges to living species, to which the later may respond by adaptive genetic changes” (Dobzhansky). An example of evolution might be that, giraffes that were born with longer necks out-lived the giraffes with shorter necks because they can reach foods at higher levels. As a result most giraffes today, have extremely long necks. Charles Darwin is known as the founder of the theory. In fact, “When Charles Darwin opened his first notebook on the subject of how organisms change over time, the field was not even referred to as evolution” (“Darwin’s Rotifers”), it was referred to as natural selection. The people who believe that evolution should not be taught in public schools usually fall into two categories. The hardcore religious fanatics who believe that creationism is the only way to go. Then, there are the people that take the middle ground in the debate, and believe in Intelligent Design. Creationism is the literal interpretation of
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Leather     2 the canonical book, Genesis. Taner Edis does an excellent job summing creationists up in his article “Islamic Creationism”, “…creationists insist the universe and all life were created in six days about six thousand years ago”. On the other side of the story, intelligent design is the belief that the complexity of the natural world could not have happened by chance. So therefore, there must have been a creator that is not necessarily God. The fulcrum of the debate is: Should evolution be made mandatory to be taught in public schools? Most of the con arguments of the debate are concerns with loop holes in evolution, and the questionable validity in the evolution theory. These claims seem to be made of pure stubbornness or conservatism and seem foolish. Therefore, Evolution should be made mandatory to be taught in public schools. The first main point I will discuss is: Should public schools be able to only teach
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Research Paper - Leather 1 Research Paper David Leather...

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