Which Two Religions is Most Dissimilar

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Which Two Religions is Most Dissimilar? Out of the three religions we studied this semester, Judaism & Christianity are the most dissimilar. Together these religions are often thought to be the most similar because Christianity basically evolved from Judaism. Well despite the popular belief, these two religions have some very critical differences that constitute them to be almost utterly unlike each other. Some of which are which how they perceive God and what they make of Jesus Christ. The first difference that will be discussed in this essay is: Both religions have different bibles. The bible that the Jews use is called The Hebrew Bible. This bible consists of there parts: The Torah, The Law, & The Writings. Christians call the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament. The Christian bible includes the Old Testament, but has another bible on top of it called the New Testament. The New Testament is in a nutshell, the history of the life of Jesus Christ. The second difference that I will discuss is how Jesus is perceived by both of the religions. In
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